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Trends and Quality

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We are dedicated to satisfy the demands of our clients, with brands that offer the largest selection products from the East, with the purpose of creating trends and unique experiences.

We build excellent relationships with our suppliers, channels, and collaborators.

We offer a wide variety of products, selected under our strict quality regulations, good taste, and upcoming trends, to meet all of our end consumers taste.

We guarantee our services and agreements, supported by the best talent, processes, and big data, we look to help you expand your business.

Differentiation and Variety
more than 50K references.

Noritex is known worldwide for the differentiation and variety of products. We have a dedicated team developing and engineering new products every day. Furthermore to give you the latest trends, our brands change the entire catalog every three months.

Quality and Innovation
leaders in quality.

Noritex brands are recognized worldwide for quality, we strive to bring you the best quality at the best price. With offices in three continents, we have a dedicated team who ensures the quality of the product.

more than 35 years in logistics.

We have the most advanced logistics system in the world with more than 100 people dedicated to fufill all your products on time.